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Commercial Property Valuations and Analysis with our Smart Prop Pro 24/7 Calculator

The Commercial Valuation Calculator auto-calculates NPV, IRR, MIRR, Cash Flow and BEP. Easy to use and Zero calculations necessary from the user. This Calculator may be purchased and Licensed to the user with Logo's and branding.

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Residential Property Valuations, Calculator and Live Pricing per M2 

TOMPROP.COM - Property Pricing Index (based on all properties currently on the market) PPI – SA and Calculator. The only Data Science Company to make property valuations easy and accurate by bringing you Asking prices per square meter per suburb.

 Property valuations made easy! Should any weighted average asking price move by more than 2, 5% within a 90-day cycle, these are updated immediately!

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Perceptions are interesting, facts produce stats!

We use Live Current Pricing for Residential Property Market Valuations instead of old property sales stats

When listing a property to sell, you have to compete with all other properties currently on the market in that particular suburb. It makes sense that you need to know the current asking prices per square meter in your suburb. Our data and asking prices are permanently updated to bring you this valuable are the only Data Science Company producing this statistical information.

Past sales stats are totally irrelevant due to the fact that they are littered with distressed sales, sales in execution, sales between family members and friends and a whole host of other factors which render these stats useless. Neither do past sales stats take into account the current climate, mood of the market or the simple and current supply-demand logic. We therefore strongly urge you to make use of the live pricing “weighted average price per square meter” on the market today for accuracy and efficiency! There is no intrinsic value other than the average pricing of what is on the market competing with your property today!

Our message is simple.

Use our statistics at any stage, but always use a PROPERTY PRACTITIONER to sell your home. They are trained, have the tools and will eliminate most your risk associated with selling or buying!

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Guidelines to the weighted factors that you should add and subtract to refine your pricing are all attached on the Calculator

NOTE OF CAUTION. calculate the average pricing, square meters and other valuable data from information supplied on many portals in the Real Estate Industry. We guarantee that these calculations are 100% accurate, however, we cannot guarantee that the information captured on these portals are 100% accurate.