Power Partners

TOMprop.com have partnered with power players to bring an unparalleled experience to both the Client and Property Practitioner:


Home-loans & Pre-qualifications:

Whilst searching your property on the tomprop.com portal, you may at the same time achieve a "home-loan" pre-approval. The Pre-approval will be issued to you in the form of a 90-day certificate which may be used when shopping around or submitting offers.

International Property Investments Start to Finish from your home:

TOMprop have partnered with IP GLOBAL who are leaders in providing smart property investments in the UK and other strategic parts of the globe. IP GLOBAL will provide you with hand-in-glove type investment solutions for all your property requirements.

Exclusive Bridging Solution for Estate Agents & Property Sellers:

Once all conditions of sale have been met, we are able to Bridge Commissions due to Property Practitioners as well as Sellers Surplus Funds & Estate Agency/Franchise Commissions due.

Personal Taxation Services & Submissions for Property Practitioners:

Having a tax partner allows you to concentrate on generating income and maximising your legal deductions.

Household & Emergency Services to your door.

Get those quotations for repairs and maintenance managed by Buddy Assist

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