Value of my property

2019-07-28 10:00:11

What is the value of my property?

The Current Market Value of your property = the current weighted average price “per square meter, per suburb” of all properties currently on the market in your suburb Today!

Therefore, Current Market Value = the price at which you can put your house on the market and compete favourably with all other properties on the market in that particular suburb.

Get to know your Live asking prices only at Tompop Property Search Portal and Property Data Science and value your property accurately.

Once you have this valuable form of Data, you simply apply the Factors as per our Property Valuation Calculator which is built into our Property Valuation and statistical page.

Why we do not use Past Property Sales Stats

Past sales stats are irrelevant to current market conditions, and these stats are littered with sales between family and friends, quick sells, liquidation sales, deceased estates and so on. One cannot seriously utilise these tainted statistics as a gauge of property pricing by any means. Past sales stats will only start to reflect trends 12 months after they have taken place. Live pricing trends are current and trends are immediately recognisable.