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2019-07-31 14:01:53

Shifting the Paradigm - Residential Property Valuations.

Past Sales stats will reflect the current Trends 12 to 24 months after our Live Data 

Shifting the paradigm is always difficult when an industry has been using the same old methods with limited success for many a year. We at Tomprop - Data Science and Property Search Portal have already shifted the paradigm and explain in summary why and how!

Past Sales Stats will reflect the past trends 12 to 24 months after our Live Stats

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The industry largely uses Old Past Sales Stats as a yardstick producing Current Market Values for Residential Property. We refute this data as pretty tardy, unreliable and even dangerous. Old Past Sales stats are littered with sales between family and friends, quick-sells, sales under duress, deceased and liquidated estates etc. Also, are you able to accurately gauge the mood and market of the past, what the supply and demand of stock were at the time these sales took place? - We say, no you cannot. 

The only true market value of your property is how you compete with all other properties on the market, in your suburb TODAY. We, therefore, measure the current Live asking price, per square meter, per suburb, per category. If you do not compete in this space then you have not produced a Current Market Evaluation. View your latest data here then apply the factors and built-in calculator which we provide - Smart Property Search Portal and Data Analytics