Property Valuations

2019-06-18 17:40:24

WHY TOMPROP.COM Produces the most accurate Property Valuation Statistics! TOMPROP.COM "LIVE" - Property Pricing Index (based on all properties currently on the market) PPI – SA and Calculator

Perceptions are interesting, facts produce stats!

Why we use Live Pricing instead of old sales stats

Past sales stats are totally irrelevant due to the fact that they are polluted with distressed sales, sales in execution, sales between family members and friends and a whole host of other factors which render these stats useless. Neither do past sales stats take into account the current climate, mood of the market or the simple and current supply-demand logic. We therefore strongly urge you to make use of the live pricing “weighted average price per square meter” on the market today for accuracy and efficiency! There is no intrinsic value other than the average pricing of what is on the market competing with your property today!

Property Valuations, Property Trends and Live Property Pricing - Per square meter, pere suburb.

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