Cost of Bridging Finance

2019-02-03 15:56:07

What does Bridging Finance Cost?

We cannot speak for all parties however the general consensus is that Bridging Finance on Property Transactions amount to R1,50 per day per R1 000 on average

Cost Effective Bridging Finance with tomprop:

There are many suppliers of Bridging Finance and many variable costs associated. With tomprop, you know the costs upfront.

You will receive a quotation to accept before we process your funds.

Costs associated with Bridging Finance at are as follows:

Estate Agents Bridging Finance amounts to 75 cents per R1000 per day.

An example; R30 000 loaned over a period of 14 days will cost you R315

Property Sellers Bridging Finance amounts to between R1,34 and R1,50 per R1000 per day.

An example; R100 000 loaned over a period of 14 days will cost you R2100

Tomprop always providing you with the most cost-effective bridging finance solutions

The bridging finance application process at

Once all conditions of sale have been met, bridging finance becomes available.

Estate Agents and Property Sellers may utilize the bridging finance facility by merely completing the application form and together with the OTP mail to are fast, efficient and arguably the most cost-effective bridging finance solutions in SA today.