Bridging Finance - Online

2019-02-02 16:33:39

Most Competitive Bridging Finance for Property Sellers and Estate Agents:

Why Bridging Finance with

There are no admin fees attached to our bridging finance deals.

The most competitive pricing for Estate Agents only with tomprop priced at 75 cents per R1000 per day.

Tomprop endeavor to finalize your bridging finance applications within 24 hours subject to the time period of conveyancers reaction times.

Tomprop always support the Property Practitioner and we have created the most cost-effective bridging finance solutions as well as the opportunity to generate income from introducing any sellers to our bridging finance facilities.

Bridging Finance for Property Sellers:

It is all online, simply download the application form and together with a copy of the "offer to purchase" OTP, mail us at

Our speedy and efficient team will attend to you immediately.

Fast, friendly and most competitive Bridging Finance in a Flash.

When is Bridging finance on Property Transactions available?

A typical property sales transaction always starts with an offer to purchase.

Within this offer, there are certain conditions which need to be met, such as financing, time-periods etc.

Once these conditions have been met then the sale transaction becomes irrevocable and conveyances may proceed with the transfer.

This is when you are able to bridge either the Estate Agent Commission due or the Property Sellers surplus.