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Property Tools of the Trade - Designed and Developed by Data Science Division              (Prop Pro 24/7)

a) Commercial/Investment Property Calculator produces NPV, IRR, MIRR, Cash Flow and BEP turning you into "next level" broker. (No         calculations are necessary from the user) Priced, Licensed and Branded to the agency for R1 299 pa or Individual agents for R399 pa with your own name branded.

watch a youtube video of how you are able to perform analysis/valuations and reports in under 30 seconds

b) Business Valuation Calculator produces NPV, IRR, MIRR, Cash Flow and BEP. The finest valuation and analytical calculator. (No calculations are necessary from the user) Priced, Licensed and Branded to your agency for R1 299 pa or individual brokers for R399 pa with your own name branded.

 c) Development Property Valuations and Analysis - easily compare various development projects with our smart date sensitive auto calculations, XIRR and XNPV - Valuaing Development projects is easy with PROP PRO 24/7

d) Residential Valuation Calculator incorporating SA's only Data Science Company producing LIVE ASKING Prices per M2 per suburb. COMING SOON! We do not subscribe to old past sale stats as a valuation mechanism, hence our unique LIVE Pricing Mechanism allows you to view the weighted average LIVE asking price on the market today and truly generate a Market Valuation. You are only competing with all the other properties on the market in your suburb today. We have a unique monthly pricing per agency per area to supply the Calculator and Live Pricing continuously. 

watch youtube video on how our live pricing works

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  1. Advertising and Side Banner Ads
  2. Bridging Finance (most competitive in the industry)
  3. Income tax Reconciliations and Submissions
  4. Commercial & Investment Property Analyst/Calculator
  5. Live Property Pricing/Valuation Statistics
  6. Trust and Company Audits – the Mobi way (Agencies)




Practitioners/Agencies and Developers

Self-upload of Listings

The self-upload of listings is suitable for Individual Practitioners and Small Agencies.

ZERO fees are charged (unlimited listings)

Import of Listings by

The Import of Listings is available for most Agencies/Companies/Franchisees and Franchisors who have a Web Portal.

IT support and feed structure are as follows:

R1,75 per listing per month

Minimum monthly fee R89 pm


50     listings x   R1,75 = R         87,50 pm (however minimum fee is R89 pm)

100   listings x R1,75 = R     175      pm

500   listings x R1,75 = R     875      pm

5000 listings x R1,75 = R  8 750      pm


R199 pm for a Development

R 99 pm per additional Development


Property/Conveyancing etc.

Suitable for Extra Exposure of Developments/Properties as well as

Conveyancers, Security Companies, Furniture Removal Companies, Transport/Deliveries etc.

R   299 pm (per town) and R39 per additional towns targeted

Regional, Provincial or National targeting please send mail to


The one Property Search Portal that supports Practitioners and brings all features and facilities together!

OWN A STATS PAGE for 1 x month and have your LOGO and Link displayed on TOP

View Stats Page Here.

R 1 990 pm for pages in Western Cape/Gauteng/Kwa Zulu Natal

R 1 190 pm for all other areas




Bridging Finance – Agents and Sellers:

A negotiated and Online Bridging Finance Solution for all!

Agents/Property Practitioners Advance enjoy exclusive pricing at 75 cents per R1000 per day (2,25% pm pro-rata)

Property Sellers "Advance" enjoy excellent rates between R1,34 and R1,50 per R1000 per day (4% to 4,5% pm pro-rata)



Income Tax Reconciliations and Submissions – Practitioners only!

Enjoy peace of mind and have professionals compute and submit your tax returns for only R799 – AFB Group are our exclusive service providers

Coming soon will be our Mobi Accounting and Audit Facilities for Agencies/Franchisees and Private Companies

Download & Complete the Tax Form & Mail together with other certificates to


Commercial/Investment Property Analyst & Calculator:

The Industries leading Calculator produces NPV, IRR, MIRR, Cash Flow analysis in an instant!

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Live Property Pricing Stats & Valuation Calculator:

South Africa’s first Company to provide you with LIVE Property Pricing Stats. Our message is simple, do not rely on past sales stats which are shrouded with fictional pricing due to the number of transfers/sales between family and friends, as well as sale prices adversely affected by liquidators/bankers and the like. Past sales stats do not accurately reflect the current mood and market. Compete with properties that are on the market TODAY!

Accurate valuations in an instant! Saving you time and getting the numbers correct!


Exclusive Insurance – Practitioners and Agencies/Companies – coming soon

Trust and Company Audits – the Mobi way (Agencies) – coming soon


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