About Us

About Us

A peep into the future of how business will operate has been the driving force behind the design and strategic partnerships. TOMprop.com is the one Property Search Portal that considers the Real Estate Professional as an individual hence the many exclusive products which will allow these Practitioners as well as agencies/branches to operate more profitably. TOMprop.com pays high emphasis on supporting the industry and only offer advertising to the Real Estate Practitioner. We do not offer advertising facilities to private sellers. The Real Property Portal for Real Estate People. The way the public will search for properties in the future is about to change. 

Powerful Tools Of the Trade - PROP PRO 24/7 - powered by Tomprop Data Science (contact info) datascience@tomprop.com

a) Commercial/Investment Property Calculator

b) Business Valuation Calculator

c) Residential Valuation Calculator with Live Pricing

Why tomprop.com for clients?

TOMprop.com are the only company in South Africa whom produce vital statistics to the public by way of sharing the average price per square meter of property per suburb. The public will enjoy having the ability to recognize below and above factors which may affect the pricing such as, positioning, condition, views, size etc. which may influence the medium average. Property Practitioners, on the other hand, get a quick glance of the pricing currently on the market which will assist with their own valuations. Coupled to this, clients will have the benefit of viewing Hospitality Properties, International Property Investments and also transact with Online Home-loans and Online Bridging Finance.

The Real Deal

Bringing cost savings to the industry through discounted bridging finance solutions, producing a single portal for Property Search as well as Accommodation/Flights booking together with an easy to navigate Select International Property Investment Search all adds to make Tomprop.com truly unique and versatile.

Our statistical division is expanding and will soon be launched internationally!

More traffic = More exposure?


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